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Who is sponsoring the Vision Plan?
Why is this project important to do now?
Hasn’t this been tried before? What is different this time?
Who has final authority to determine what gets implemented?
Is the water safe?
Is there enough water for recreation?
Who will pay for the improvements?
Will some public tax dollars be spent on this project?
How will this project improve the natural functions of the creek?
Will this project result in more jobs or economic benefit?
When will the public get a chance to weigh-in on the design?
How is this vision process different than the one underway for the Martin Drake Power Plant decommissioning?
Who will pay for maintaining the improvements?
How will this project support alternative transportation modes?
How will these improvements affect private property along the corridor?
How will historic Monument Valley Park be protected?
When will the improvements be constructed?
Where will people park?
How will safety issues be addressed in the corridor?
How will maintenance (e.g., trash) on the corridor be undertaken?